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Delaware Express Co. provides transportation of non-hazardous materials in bulk.  Delaware Express transports both dry and liquid non-hazardous materials.

The liquid bulk materials are water based resin emulsions, latex, lime slurry, and water-based adhesives. These products are primarily used in the paint, coatings, and adhesives industries. Our fleet of 48 insulated, stainless steel, single barrel and multi-compartment trailers are washed after every load to ensure contamination free delivery. Our single barrel tankers are specifically designed for the coatings / latex industry. The 5100-gallon capacity of the single barrel trailers allows the shipper to fill the trailer completely, leaving no air space, which aids in the prevention of the product foaming. Our multi-compartment fleet has trailers with compartment sizes of: 1000, 1500, 2000, 2500, 3000, and 4000 gallons.

The vast majority of dry materials that we transport is used in the manufacture of plastic goods. The applications of plastics in today's marketplace are numerous. Delaware Express transports plastic in both resin (granular) and pellet forms. The applications range from medical devices, to water bottles, to electrical boxes, to window frames. To ensure contamination free delivery we break down and wash our trailers between different products. We have dedicated trailers for white, beige, black, blue, and green pellets, and based on demand we will dedicate trailers for other colors. Our 78 trailer dry-bulk fleet is comprised of resin, pellet, and specialty trailers.

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